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About Rancho Raviri Almonds and Gift

Rancho Raviri Almonds and Gifts has been a family tradition over 68 years to many of our customers around the world. Since 1952 the core of our business is flavoring fresh dry roasted California Almonds with high quality spices and flavors for the most delicious Savory and Sweet Almonds. Rancho Raviri was also one of the first to have created the Almond Barque and we are well known for our Original (White), Butterscotch and Dark Chocolate Almond Barque’s.

Our specialty is using our products to create one of a kind Gift Baskets, Boxes or whatever the need calls for. Such as: Corporate, Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Get Well, Welcome, Thank you and of course all the Holiday Seasonal Gifts.

We Take Pride

We take pride in our almond seasoning process by maintaining a safe and clean environment. We have the same recipe’s and processes developed over the years that has kept our customers excited and returning for our products to give that special person, group or event (Raffle Prizes for a Fundraising Opportunity).

We have many savory flavors to which each is a favorite and all savory almonds are hand tossed to perfection. Our sweet sugar coated almonds are always in great demand and made like no others. We have well over 35 different almond flavors. Each flavor is prepared with fresh almonds and spices, chocolates and natural flavorings using the same process since 1952. We can assure your order from our almond gift collection will have the same consistency of flavor every time you order.

Rancho Raviri may have been one of the first to create the Almond Barque (our competitors name their product “Almond Bark”). We first began with our Original Almond Barque which is a Creamy White Chocolate and a special blend of chocolates that make our Dark Chocolate Almond Barque. Then we created the Butterscotch Almond Barque and it has been a hit year round all over the world. Since, we have added flavors and a variety of fruits and spices to our Barque product list. Like our Pepper Berry Barque, a bit warm and spicy. Another favorite – Mint Chocolate Almond Barque, the list goes on. Check out our Barque page to see our complete collection of Barque’s and be assured, these are the finest Barque’s you will ever taste.

Rancho Raviri also carries a wide variety of Fresh Dried Fruits; Chocolate dipped and coated Dried Fruits with the finest Dark, Milk and White Chocolates.

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