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Decades of Legal Experience

Have you or someone you love being injured in an accident, the Law Offices of M. Azhar Asadi & Associates are dedicated personal injury attorney Los Angeles with a proven track record of helping people rebuild their lives after such misfortunes. This group of experienced attorneys specializes in personal injury navigation and have successfully represented clients throughout the Los Angeles area and Southern California. As personal injury lawyers in Los Angeles, they represent people who don't have the power to do so themselves. If you need representation or someone you love has been a victim of an accident causing harm or injury, please contact us today to get a free evaluation. The Law Offices of M. Azhar Asadi & Associates has long been considered among the best personal injury attorney Los Angeles. Their years of dedication shows in their successful record in representing individual defendants against powerful and well-financed corporations and insurance companies. Our decades of legal expertise and when combined with our extensive financial resources allow us to successfully represent clients who otherwise would not have the resources necessary to fight their cases Here are the reasons clients work with our group of Personal Injury Attorney Los Angeles.

Extensive winning record

While our long record of success is no guarantee of us an outcome in your specific case, we have won many multi-million dollar settlements which show our undoubted ability to produce results. The successful litigation of a personal injury case regularly requires an enormous amount of money. Many cases cost up to $100,000 to successfully prosecute, and sometimes we have invested up to $250,000 in fighting for our clients. Working with a law firm who can afford to fight your case is essential to a successful outcome.

We specialise in personal injury cases

Our team of attorneys have extensive litigation experience and we understand that this knowledge is vital in the successful resolution of any personal injury lawsuit. Some other firm's practice general law and as a result struggle with the nuances of a personal injury or accident cases. Because we specialize in one specific area, we have developed a tremendous level of expertise which allows us to provide a superior service and get the best results for our clients. Our success as Personal Injury Attorney Los Angeles has allowed us to invest in high level tools and the top technologies needed to make our work as efficient as possible. We have direct access to high level legal databases and other resources, we also use specialized software to quickly resource and investigate every case. Having the latest state-of-the-art equipment on hand helps make trials, arbitrations ,and mediations much more efficient and effective. All our attorneys are computer savvy, and this allows them to expedite the handling of their cases. When you work with our firm Personal Injury Attorney Los Angeles we will assign you as many experienced attorneys as your case needs. And pay for experts, investigators and offer a large support staff that will include paralegals, administrators and other legal assistants. We understand that the successful outcome of a legal case will depend hugely on the power of the team we put in to field.

We care about our clients

Our team will not satisfy dedicated teams of experts until they have provided a service that can make a difference in their client's lives. Following decades of dedicated service to the inhabitants of Los Angeles, they have been up close and personal with many of the adverse affects that serious injuries and accidents cause to their client's lives and to their wider family. Because of this, their sole goal is to provide the most satisfactory results possible, ones that will help improve the standard of living of their clients. All they're interested in is providing a service that will help their clients deal with their ongoing difficulties. Once we commit to your case we dedicate our team to rectifying all the wrongdoings that have resulted from your injuries. Our firm operates in a manner that ensures the highest level of quality control this results in superior legal representation. Meaning all our clients' concerns and needs are promptly addressed. We aggressively and zealously pursue the needs of our clients while always remaining compassionate and sustain positive relationships at all times. Our attorneys fully appreciate the difficulties that can occur because of a serious accident or injury. You need to worry if you cannot travel to our office because of a serious condition. Once you retain our legal services, our attorneys and their team are happy to visit you anywhere at your convenience. They regularly travel to hospitals, homes are any location that's appropriate to provide legal representation.

If you don’t win, neither do we

On our services are provided on a full contingency basis. This means that we will not charge you unless your case is settled or won. Upon settlement, all clients will receive a detailed explanation of the verdict amounts and how they will be distributed. Our attorneys have decades of experience and representing the rights of injured parties in Los Angeles. Between them they have successfully concluded thousands of injury claims. As personal injury lawyers Los Angeles, they hold themselves to the highest standards of service and quality. Because of this their competence and professionalism are known throughout the legal field, among judges, claim representatives and our wider community of lawyers. We also fully appreciate that our attorneys need help, so we use highly skilled and well-trained support staff. We also have access to trial tested and superb experts in a variety of different fields that can help us in the successful resolution of your case. If you or a loved one are in need of a Personal Injury Attorney in Los Angeles, please contact one of our team today.